Nick Busey


My name is Nick Busey and I am an independent technical consultant in Boulder, CO.


I enjoy building highly available cross browser web applications using the latest best practices and tools for the job, whatever that may be.

I will work with your company to determine what solutions best meet your needs.


Entirely self taught, I’ve had a passion for web development since making my first website in fourth grade. I’ve been freelancing since middle school and have been working in the Boulder startup community since 2006. I am constantly keeping up to date with the latest best practices, technologies, and threats that might affect your online presence.


Email me at nickabusey on Google’s email service, leave me a voice mail at (303) 532-5670, or hit me up on The Twitter.


Web Development

I can help you with everything from simple WordPress setups, to fully fledged web applications.

Software Consulting

I can provide you with the insight and tools you need to make your next software project a success.




  • Developed entire site, multiple server configuration, database, cron tasks, payment integration.
  • Built custom survey design, and survey taking software.
  • Implemented invoicing and payment system.
  • Developed fully-fledged white-labeling, and multi-user support.

Rocky Mountain Institute Impact

  • Worked with client to implement an engaging way to engage new donors.
  • Built custom JS visualization based on Raphael.js and WordPress.
  • Designed and implemented custom meta data tagging system.
  • Added HTML only version, social support, and search engine candy.

Walden Hyde

  • Implemented custom, tiered slideshow functionality with relevant content.
  • Implemented entire theme from AI files

Rocky Mountain Institute Voices

  • Worked with client to implement an engaging way to display donor feedback.
  • Built custom JS visualization based on Raphael.js and WordPress.

Rocky Mountain Institute Annual Report

  • Implemented a custom slideshow.
  • Implemented entire theme from AI files


  • Designed and implemented entire site from concept up.
  • Designed and built custom home page scrolling intro.
  • Implemented infinite scroll tumblr API integration.


  • Implemented entire site


  • Designed and implemented database schema for complex system in MySQL with Doctrine and Zend.
  • Created custom Zend Modules, hacked the Zend bootstrapper and extended Zend Forms.
  • Performed extensive script and payload optimization, increasing page load times significantly.
  • Implemented AJAX registration, gallery slideshow, statistics and comment posting.
  • Developed, implemented and documented JS, CSS, HTML5, Zend, Sass and spriting best practices.
  • Integrated streaming video uploads using Panda.
  • Built custom Canvas based sketch upload tool.
  • Identified and corrected numerous backend problems which improved server response times drastically.


  • Developed HTML5 cross-browser web application based on Backbone.js, JTML Templates, and a custom API.
  • Created custom jQuery UI Tab Drop Down Menu module.
  • Implemented custom search bookmarklet.


  • Side project
  • Created NodeJS driven API utilizing Redis for storage, as well as Facebook and YouTube API integration to achieve crowd sourced, synchronized video streaming.
  • Created Backbone.js driven HTML5 application utilizing


  • Developed front-end of a realtime search engine using Wicket, Hibernate and PostgreSQL.
  • Implemented AJAX pagination of API data with jQuery.
  • Extended browser extension sidebar chat interface using Dojo.
  • Implemented AJAX social network contact importing.
  • Developed registration and administration platform in Drupal and MySQL.

Pedal BMX

  • Side project
  • Developed a fully custom database driven CMS in CakePHP, complete with Forums, Blogs, Pictures, User Profiles, Private Messaging, a Banner Exchange, Link Exchange, and Spots directory.
  • Integrated Google Maps API to provide location information and maps.
  • Built framework that allows sharing of data between sand boxed communities on different domains.